Welcome to our 2022 Holiday Hunt!!!

‘Tis the season to “shop small” for friends and family, but while you’re at it, why not try to win some cash + prizes for yourself!

All you need to do is scan the QRs we’ve hidden at local businesses all over Berkshire County!

Those who can check in at 20 or more locations will be entered into raffles for $500 from All Seasons Realty Group and $250 from Pittsfield Coop Bank!  Plus, those of you who choose to share pics of their purchases or shots from their favorite businesses on the hunt could win $250 from Tableaux Wealth by entering our Holiday Hunt Photo contest!

But if Bear Butter is more your thing, hidden on the treasure map are 10 scannable jars of the amazing almond butter!  Find them all and you could win a year’s supply of Bear Butter!

Not every location on the map will have “treasure”, but those that do will be revealed once you’ve checked-in!  

Lots of great discounts and the possibility of Gift Cards to be found along your way to the big bucks ?

Good luck, be safe and have fun ❤️

Click here to get your map!